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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

how sure are we that malaysia is safe?

we just realize that matyn's tricycle is gone. who wouldve stolen it? must be some desperate druggie. and do you know that on 11th september abg zizul was robbed by 2 armed man? they took rm8800 which was for the delivery and baby's prem. besides that, someone stole my dad's laptop which he put in the back seat of the car earlier this year. anddd a few years back, someone broke into my house and car, luckily they didnt do anything to us. last but not least, 2 guys on motorcycle tried to harass me and my sister while we were jogging.

to one family, a crime rate on them can go up to 6 times in 17 years. that is quite a failure i must say to the safety structure of this country. im sure teh government did something. but that something isnt good enough. with crime rate arising, parents are scared to let their kids play at the open playground, or even to let them buy from a vendor right outside the house. imagine how are we going to survive out there without our parents who has always been taking care of us. we are malaysian, and this is our country. people who commit these kind of crime should be locked up in jail, they cant be released by a small amount of bribery or bail. lets not be selfish and look out for the nation. we claimed ourselves to be 1 malaysia, however we barely greet our next door neighbour who is of different race, let alone answer what they will do when they hear screams or see something bad happening. their exuse, ' tak nak jaga tepi kain orang' or worst ' malas, nanti kene buat report polis berjam-jam'. stupid! we should motivate ourself to not be a blind nation and instead fight against it hand in hand.

the other case that has gotten my attention is when rape cases drastically arise. worst when seen girls at youngest age of 5 being raped by a heartless father, a mental illed girl treated as a sex slaved by her own flesh and blood, a wife harassed by her own step son in front of her husband. it is such a disgrace to us humankind, especially when we are muslim. havent we been taught about good and bad, heaven and hell? im sure we have been. im soo angry with these heartless people, they deserve high fine and long term jail sentence, and they shouldnt be let out for bailing. they are no human, they are monster. who would have the heart to do something so disgusting.

we are malaysian and we are suppose to think beyond the horizon, we have to make things better, not worst. we have to practice what we preached. other than that, we are the next generation, if they cannot make malaysia a better place, we will.

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Anonymous said...

one malaysia, its like sharing what all you have with them..hahhaha oh oh oh and me today in a bus i saw an old guy tried to raba a school boy who was asleep in a bus! freaking scary!