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Monday, September 14, 2009

im happy to say that im an aunt =D

date of september 12th2009 was the date when the baby comes out from the womb. it was hearbreaking at first knowing how much my sister was in pain, even at 6 cm! let alone think about 10! i was waiting outside the labour room along with my two other aunts who were as eager as me eventhough we were shooed by the nurses a few times. we put on our deaf ears and stay stubborn. it was fun! the room door wasnt close but they had curtains. so it was hard to see what was going on not that looking will make things any better. nvm. i heard the sound of my mother asking my sister to push, i heard my sister cry, i heard the muffling sound of the nurses' apron. i was nervous. however, the first cry washed it all away, it was amazing, it was beautiful. it was as nothing as i ve ever heard before. then and there i knew that everything was fine, both my sister and the baby were. it was a huge relief.

the baby is beautiful,


Aida said...

nur, congrats to u and the whole family .. and seriously, the baby was sooooo cute ..

cuna_cuni said...

hey nur, the baby's comellnyeee!!
but girl ke boy?
be a great aunt eh=D
matyn da jd uncle yg sgt muda n handsome..=))

nur said...

it s a girl, for surely i will be a great aunt. thank you very much for all the warm wishes. =D