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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


its almost 2 and i still wide awake, staying at home saves alot of my energy. seriously. if i go to school, i would definitely sleep before 12. thus, i think its better if i stay at home tomorrow and study *muka xbersalah. im currently studying sejarah. it was enjoyable i must say, esp at this time it gets pretty easy to remember and quite enjoyable.
anyway, life has been interesting. i slept while reading chem this evening, i ate alot during dinner and i ve been downloading songs from dj tiesto. wow, this must be some kind of a syndrome for pre spm. tomorrow i ll be having seminar at masjid, its fun i must say but sometimes it can get pretty tiring when mr ven keeps on repeating on how to solve things over and over. well, its a price to pay for his inspiring way of educating people. i hv to admit that he s good and a very dedicated teacher. he has put alot of effort on us that i think he barely get any sleep at night just to make ques papers for us. and he invested alot on our paper sheet. i think the thorough price for photocopying is more than 6k. that s alot considering the price we ve paid.
anyway, there s nothing much to tell here except that spm is really near. its on the 18th and today is already the 13th. well what can we do other than to count down.
thus, i dont think ill be updating anytime soon. so for the spmers,

Good Luck and Do Your Best

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