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Saturday, November 14, 2009

jiggle juggle

well i did mention in my last post that it would be the last one, wrongwrong again. i couldnt stop myself to update. mind me.

so life has been abit tiring. spm starts this wednesday.

this evening i was at my granny's and all of us were talking about going for a vacation by the end of the year. as you know, hard rock's hotel has been opened in penang and it is really pretty and exquisite, with all my desire i wanna go there. i just cant put my thoughts at rest of how fun it will be there. lets cross our fingers and hope for it. *eyes closed, fingers crossed

besides that, i have been tired with the seminars. the last time i went i could only stand about 30 mins, then i went out. the hall is hectic with people off all attitude laughing their ass out, minding their own business but not me. im pretty much a loner, and when im alone i get stressed up thinking people are having fun but not me and the fact that they have girlfriends or buddies while im all alone. well i do have friends, just that they dont really sit with me and there are some who are too busy to care. anyway, im glad that tomorrow wouldnt be as it. thus, i wanna wake up early and be fresh tomorrow so i wont get nausea and headache.

other than that, i think im getting my period. ive been feeling somehow depressed and craving for chocolates. ive been feeling emotional too. omg, i feel guilty for those who gets the flare.

thats all for now, toodles lovers

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