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Monday, January 11, 2010

baby lets dream

of life not doing anything, there are some things that i am certain of.

you can differentiate between real friends and acquaintances.

firstly, there is a huge difference between real friends and acquaintances. real friends stand for you through think and thin. however, acq tends to leave you at time of which you need help the most. furthermore, real friends understand your condition, of what your family is really like and the limit of doing something. on the other hand, acqs think they understand everything about your life and always stand up against your will. real friends respect and listen, acqs bail and forget. so now that you know, choose your friends well.

besides that, i am certain that matyn is the baby of the family. just so you know, mimi has been waiting for matyn at school for a week and a day now. how amusing is that?

moreover, i love listening to dreams, people's dream in particular. esp afiq's. it made me see what it really is like in the future. he even made me dare to believe that i can change what i am now, to live the life of independence. i am comfortable with him.

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