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Friday, January 29, 2010


we are always assuming things, well the truth of the matter of fact is that there are stories behind every assumptions. the stories that we dont know, or we arent suppose to know.

well i have lived a life soo profounded with knowledge, that i merely study and learn the indepth of someone's eyes. well at least i tried to with some people. such iniciative is helpful, at times of changes. when you are at the stage of conciousness, you would want the truth, nothing but the truth. that is when you barge in and try to understand people. that is when you in need of attention, truthfully saying, you would want to understand people soo well that you were caught in a syndrome of lack of self empathy.

well what im saying is, never make assumptions because its not healthy, yet do not get caught up with the lingering sense of insecurities. whatever it is, be confident of what you are and learn to accept others without having to be a prejudice. judgemental mind is always destructive when you always have bad thoughts about people.

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