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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

seriously its getting more disgusting than ever. they are getting to my nerve, like a bunch of idiots who dont get into some girls gstrings. honestly saying its pathetic. harassing my property on facebook and somehow trying to act cool about it is what i would call junkie. well you have had your field in the game, now let me have mine and im pretty much sure that you will be *garu kepala* reading this. well that ensures how much im irritated of you.
people like you who has been rejected has to accept how things go, if i reject or somehow dumped you, well that must be for a certain reason. try to be a mature gentleman and understand what im saying because you are being a sore loser. if you have balls big enough, try to tell me up front because this thing you are doing is no good, neither to me nor for your own benefit, its not cool. well you have two options, to walk away and be a gentleman or to approach me and tell me your problems in a more diplomatic way. arent we being civilised here? like what tun mahathir tried to practice us all with? too bad some people are not aware of such thing and being a disgusting immature.
fyi, youre disgusting, no kidding.

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