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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


is it another unbareable downfall? after all the comfort and luxurious life ive gone through, i dont want it to end here. im soo scared to face what is it out there, differently from how i was raised, to face another unreacheable success.
so life has been good, just a little tired with work. im concerned about things that are currently happening in the house. it is just a little tensed up. not that im indicating anything. but you get the idea. lately i have been thinking about quiting the job and enjoying with my friends. that is the idea i have been having, especially since lina is coming back to kl next friday. im soo excited. and work will obviously get in the way. for the record, im only available on sunday and that sucks badly. so i have been giving alot of thought on it, therefore, im gonna quit by the end of april. that means i have 2 months to enjoy my youth life. that is ample, rather than 3 months of nothingness. i have to sacrifice a little, but i think it will be worth the while. it gives me many experiences. the good ones of course. other than that, i tend to get cranky these days because of lack of sleep. so my sincere apologies to everyone that gets the flare. i love you.