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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

so in the end we will cherish what we have

so have you ever woke up early just because you have promised someone that you will spend the day with him? that is what happened to me a few days back, so i have known him since i was in early high school. had always been the call of anxiety and eagerness to talk about ourself. how we met was somehow picturesque of what it was years ago. it was at a bbq party, by the pool side of where i used to enjoy my childhood with my cousins. he was just the ordinary guy you see everyday by the midst of life. see the searching eyes, the lost soul were attractive in a way that made it all seems soo full of hope. well of course back then i was too immature to know this, not until i grow up to see how close we have grown after all the years. we kept in touch but not always. it is always for once in 2 months or more. it was good that way, kept me surprised and amused by all the stories he had to share and of all the things he did. his stories always made me think and i love the fact that every each one of them did. whenever he called, he would share with me about his dreams, always something fresh and different, soo full of enthusiasm. and i love them. i love listening to every each one of them. gives me hope to my very own future. but for this moment, i do not know what went amiss but the enthusiasm, it dies by time and the dreams, they fade by reality. and everytime i meet him, i wonder if it is the little hole in his heart that makes it all goes away.

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