a note from me

lets exceed the limit

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

criticizing people's misbehaviour is normal in daily life or maybe to condemn for the wrong act of the youthful kids. somethings are meant to be unknown, like what is there beneath all the troublesome act or even look. we dont know why who where when or how, somehow there are reasons to every each of them. as i grow wiser, i learn that to condemn people or criticize people doesnt make me a better person in any way because as true as karma can be, one day i could be doing the same thing that i have been cursing about. moreover, by bad talking about people, it makes me look insecure about myself. revealing every bit of not anyone else's, but you myself's. to be able to tell the differences, you will know which is the mask and which is the face.
well to be honest, there is not many acknowledgement we practise in life to make our life meaningful, to make it brighter with smile. we have been neglacting all of this for the sake of wealth and priorities. so judgemental minds are constructive but as constructive as it is, too much negativity corrupts the delicate mind. so it's on you.