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Thursday, June 3, 2010

first and foremost, the reason i am here is because it's a thursday and i havent been onlining ever since i got here. therefore i declare that i miss the cyber net.
lets see, there are many things to update on. especially now that everything seems to be piling up with soooo much enthusiasm and yeah tiredness. i only get to sleep 4 hours plus here, they said its suppose to be enough but im always soo sleepy at times of lecture. on the other hand, afiq said its because im lack of oxygen in the body and thus i need to drink plenty of plain water to stay energised. besides that, my classmates are planning to go for an outing this weekend and yessss, it sounds fun and im very much looking forward for it. we ll be renting a car and staying overnight, sounds to me like fun. other than that, afiq's birthday is just around the corner, i dont know what to get him because as i know, nothing actually please him much. so this is a problem and i really have no idea. i cant wait to be back next week. kak maryam posted a few pictures of bella and you obviously dont know how much i miss my baby. she looks healthy and cute as usual, i cant wait to hug her. i cant wait to be home for good. at the same time, im trying to go through life here normally and enjoy what is it that they call as college.

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