a note from me

lets exceed the limit

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


It is mind torturing when all of my body and soul want to be home but I’m stuck in a place bewildered by the thoughts of the calling of my own mind, telepathy, barging to come out from this caged place bounded by the privilege of freedom excluding me from the outside world, keeping me shallow and all again indulge my life by living in a nutshell. I want to be out. I want to be out. I can’t take it anymore. I want to be home. To wake up at home, to sleep at home, to come home. So badly I want to be home. Being here creates an incompetent issue in me, I hate the judgmental mind they have on me, I hate the pressure they put on me, I hate the fact that my life is in boundary, I hate everything that they impose onto us, how they make us stay during the weekends, I hate how they treat us like we’re in a boring boarding school, I hate that the food are tasteless. They can’t do this to us, and they certainly can’t do this to me. I want to go home. Please don't make me stay.