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Thursday, May 14, 2009

kelly rowland and nelly

i got a call from Sella today asking about prom. she were making confirmations so that we can have a table just for the friends, and i am now in dilemma .

firstly because i want a guy to ask me to go to the prom with him. but the problem is, i do not think anyone would. but this is my last year, and i soooo wanna experience prom with my date. i have always had a perfect picture of a perfect scenery of prom that i feel like i have to somehow experience it. teens are after all full of angst and i am one of them. i am soo keen to make my dreams come true, i want one but coming after a guy would look soo wrong.

secondly, if i say yes, i will have to pay a big sum of money by Monday which is quite impossible because Dania's birthday is this Saturday. i will have to put her first before the prom, she is after all an unlucky sister for having me, a high-pitched-temperate-annoying sister. i admit it =D. so i will have to make it up to her by giving her the present she has been talking about.

im in dilemma, i wanna go to prommmmmmmmmm.


cuna_cuni said...

ouh ala..
pour sis..
hav a date for prom, u shall..=))
if thre's one, be sure he's hot.
and buy a nice present for dania.

Anonymous said...

i thought i teach you how to have fun!!!
buat apa jantan when you can cari one bila u pg prom nantis ngoks!! pakai cantek2, for sure jantan tertarik ntah2 nyah pun tertarik jugew!!!

nak kena sepak tornado nih!!

Koleksi Artikel Terpilih said...

oh...she is more beautiful than u...u jealous sister...